Our Process

From concept to project completion, we will work closely with you to exceed your expectations. If you already have a completed set of drawings, we will move directly into the build process. If you only have an idea, we have established strong, collaborative relationships with several architects throughout the region to deliver some of our most impressive projects.

  • #1 - Site visit and project evaluation

    During this initial on-site visit we will listen to your desired goals and outcomes for your project.  We will also request to view your house plat and then inspect the project site to determine if there may be any possible zoning issues.

  • #2 - Estimated Budget

    Based on the information gathered during the initial site visit we will prepare an estimated budget for your project.  We will review this initial budget with you in detail, so you understand the costlier elements of the project.  We will make project adjustments as needed during this time in order to finalize the desired project budget.

  • #3 - Design Contract

    It is during the Design Contract stage where your dreams come to life through drawings that incorporate your vision of the finished project.  To get started, the homeowners will sign a design contract, with includes a 10% fee of the completed project.  This fee covers:

    • Site visit by design professional (architect or draftsman)
    • Locality checks for required setbacks and easements
    • 3 sets of project drawings
      • Initial design sketches, which the homeowner will review and request revisions
      • Revised drawings based on initial feedback
      • Final drawings
    • Project decisions, including final project dimensions, appliances and category costs, cabinets, countertop material, finishes, etc.
    • A detailed project estimate
  • #4 - Build Contract

    The detailed estimate from the Design Contract will be converted into the Contract to Build agreement.  All project specifications, prices and payment schedules are transferred into a detailed contract, which is reviewed in detail with the homeowner.  Once the Contract to Build is signed Remodel Virginia gets started.

    We are also happy to work with homeowners who already have an architect and / or a completed set of drawings.  For this situation we have a Pre-Construction Review Service.

    When our clients have already selected an architect, but have not yet begun the design, we like to join the team (homeowner – architect – Remodel Virginia) as early as possible to ensure the project is designed within the desired budget.  We will work closely with your architect to keep the project within the budget scope.  We charge $100 per hour for this consulting service, which will save time and revisions costs later.

    When homeowners have already completed their design plans we will complete a Project Review.  During this process we will review the drawings in detail and compute a bid.  We charge 1.5% of the completed project to complete this detailed project estimate.  This fee covers:

    • Thorough review and understanding of the drawings
    • Site visit by all subject matter experts to identify any conflicts or issues that may require modifications to the design.
    • Detailed project bid, itemized by construction element
    • Value Engineering when he project exceeds the desired budget and the project requires redesign. This process includes identifying more cost effective materials and construction methods.
    • Development of a construction schedule, including projected start and finish dates.

    These pre-construction services are critical to ensuring a project runs smoothly.